[tex-live] "Update all installed" following virgin install does nothing

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Mar 15 11:25:59 CET 2012

Philip TAYLOR wrote, On 2012-03-15 11:13:
> As TeX Live 2011 is now approaching its sell-by date,
> I have finally installed it on my new machine, using
> the network-sourced ISO file as a virtual DVD.  Modulo
> one small problem (it refused to install to D:\TeX\Live\2011
> until I created the directory by hand), all went smoothly
> and quickly, but on then launching the TeX Live Manager,
> and selecting "Update all installed" to get the most recent
> versions of everthing from the net, nothing happened (in the
> sense that nothing was updated).  May I ask whether this
> is the expected behaviour, and if so, how should I now
> go about "Updat[ing] all installed" ?
> Philip Taylor

What source is it using? In the first menu (I usually use the cli so I 
do not remember the details), one can ask it to use the default net 
repository (runs through mirrors.ctan.org, thus gives you the closest 

I've seen several times that the installer does not change the 
repository after the installation.

For example, we sometings rsync the entire TLNet onto USB sticks and 
install from that or more TLNET to a harddrive and install from there 
(say C:/TLNET).

Then tlmgr will use C:/TLNET as its default repository to look or 
updates instead of going online to ask for updates.



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