[tex-live] "Update all installed" following virgin install does nothing

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Thu Mar 15 11:30:33 CET 2012

Lars Madsen wrote:

> What source is it using? In the first menu (I usually use the cli so I
> do not remember the details), one can ask it to use the default net
> repository (runs through mirrors.ctan.org, thus gives you the closest
> mirror).
> I've seen several times that the installer does not change the
> repository after the installation.

Yes, that would indeed appear to be the source of
the problem.  May I propose that in TeX Live 2012,
the default repository be set to the network following
DVD-based installation since, by definition, one
cannot get updates from a static DVD.  If for any
reason this is unacceptable to the developers, then
could diagnostic code please be added to the "Update
all installed" button to warn the user that the current
respository is still set to the installation DVD, and
that a manual change to select the network respository will
be required before "Update all installed" does what it
says on the tin ?

Philip Taylor

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