[tex-live] Installation issue on windows 7 with latest install-tl

Erwan Le Pennec lepennec at cmap.polytechnique.fr
Mon Mar 12 11:26:51 CET 2012

     Dear all,

         it was indeed a Perl issue: installing strawberry perl and a 
few required modules solves the issue. The computer involved is at home 
so I will no be able to investigate the issue until tonight.



On 12/03/12 01:10, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
> On 2012-03-11 at 18:31:55 +0100, Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
>   >  On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 02:25:46PM +0100, Erwan Le Pennec wrote:
>   >  >      Dear all,
>   >  >
>   >  >      I've tried to install texlive 2011 on a new laptop which is on
>   >  >  windows 7. I've downloaded the latest install-tl (09/03/2012). When
>   >  >  I launch install-tl.bat (or its advanced flavor), there is an error
>   >  >  message stating that "perl has stopped"... Is there anything I can
>   >  >  do to help solving this issue?
>   >
>   >  Not sure.  Does it happen right at the start?
>   >
>   >  Otherwise, there should be a logfile in the root of the
>   >  installation, e.g.  c:\texlive\2011\install-tl.log.
>   >
>   >  You can get a bit more information by starting install-tl-advanced
>   >  from a command prompt and adding a parameter `-v':
>   >
>   >  <path to>\install-tl-advanced -v
>   >
>   >  Then you can also copy-and-paste screen output into your answer in
>   >  case it contains relevant stuff that didn't make it to the logfile.
>   >  Or provide a screenshot.
> Having more information would be nice.  Maybe apply the -v option
> twice for maximum verbosity.
> On the other hand, I have the impression that this error message is
> triggered by Windows, hence it's possible that Perl doesn't even
> notice that something doesn't work as expected.
> I googled for this error message yesterday but didn't find any
> solution.  However, an R user obviously had the same problem and he
> said that an upgrade to the latest Perl solved the problem for him.
> But I doubt that an upgrade helps because he upgraded to Strawberry
> Perl 5.12.1 and TL-2011 already has 5.12.3.
> It would also be helpful to know whether there is another instance of
> Perl installed on the system already.  Someone reported that the error
> was caused by an other instance of Perl.  In this case the cause of
> the problem was that wrong DLLs were found.  However, the way TeX Live
> invokes its own Perl is quite robust.  But it's better to know though.
> Anyway, in order to find out whether it's a Perl issue, I copied a
> .zip file containing the Perl shipped with TL-2010 to
>    http://tug.org/~kotucha/tlperl-TL2010.zip
> Erwan, what you can try is to go to the directory tlpkg (in the
> installer tree) and uncompress tlperl-TL2010.zip there.  Then rename
> the directory tlperl to something else and rename tlperl-TL2010 to
> tlperl.
> I'm not sure whether the current installer works with an older Perl,
> but it would be nice to know whether you get further even if it
> crashes with an error message from Perl rather than with "perl.exe has
> stopped working", which most likely comes from Windows.
> Regards,
>    Reinhard

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