[tex-live] external program calls

Michael Niedermair m.g.n at gmx.de
Thu Mar 10 07:42:08 CET 2011


I wrote some Apache-Ant-Tasks in Java which call latex, pdflatex, ... 
(TeXLive 2010).
I developped this tasks with linux and the call of latex, pdflatex, ... 
works fine. All environment variables (TEXMFHOME, TEXINPUTS, ...) are 
passed to the external programs.
With Windows XP it works fine too, but with Windows 7 I have some problems.
It seems, that W7 retaines another way, if the external program is 
installed under C:\Programme or elsewhere , if a 64-bit program calls a 
32-bit programm or if it depends on the users rights.
Some environment variables are not passed to the external programm or it 
seems, that the external programm runs in a completely new environment.

Has anyone a hint for me, to solve this problem?


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