[tex-live] TexLive Debian package with texlive-fonts-extra

Tim Legg texlive at cherokeenewtestament.org
Wed Mar 17 18:18:13 CET 2010


I have just installed the TexLive package on Debian because it has support
for the Cherokee syllabary in the package texlive-fonts-extra.

While I have used tex about 10 years ago for English documents, I am
trying to use it for non-English documents and finding that it doesn't
handle fonts they way I expect it to.  Apparently cutting and pasting the
unicode text into the .tex document isn't enough.  I would like to take
advantage of texlive-fonts-extra, after all, that is the reason I chose
TexLive.  I have no idea where to find documentation for the
usage of these fonts.  Even Google has failed me with this one.

While there are a moderate number of documents regarding using CJK fonts
in TexLive, that is not what I am doing and I don't want to permanently
break my installation by experimenting with scripts/commands without
understanding their full effects.

Where should I begin so I can get started?

Tim Legg

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