[tex-live] couldn't install on Windows 7

Geoffrey S. Knauth geoff at knauth.org
Sat Jan 2 06:44:51 CET 2010

Short version:  TeX Live 2009 is now on my kids' Windows 7 computer.  --Geoff

On Dec 20, 2009, at 20:49, T T wrote:
> DEP could be the problem given the 0xc0000005 error (access
> violation). Worth checking.

I checked, and DEP was not the issue.  In the end, running BitDefender
anti-virus live protection was the issue.  I had contacted BitDefender,
and their suggestion to me was that I remove Google Desktop.  Well, I
don't have Google Desktop.  Here's what I wrote them:

I do not have Google Desktop.

I temporarily turned off BitDefender's live protection and then was
able to install TeX Live 2009 without problems.  TeX Live 2009 is a
set of programs I (and many others) trust.  Apparently you
(BitDefender) had an issue with the version of Perl they were running
off their CD.

P.S.  Independently, Strawberry Perl, which had not worked ten days
ago, managed to start working even before I turned BitDefender off.
Maybe it just needed a certain number of Windows reboots.  Or maybe
Windows was in a better mood after the Christmas holiday.

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