[tex-live] TeX Collection DVD october 2009

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Jan 2 09:23:10 CET 2010

Hi Hans,

Hans van der Meer wrote:
> Taco,
> A few days ago the DVD with the TeX Collection of october 2009 arrived. 
> Today I tried to copy the ctan-directory to my internal harddisk, but 
> that failed. It makes part of the disk difficult to access (expressing 
> it mildly) for Macintosh users. See my observations below.

I have not tried to use my DVD yet, so I am adding the texlive list to
the CC. I know this is not exactly about TeXLive, but I do not know who
else to contact.

Best wishes for 2010,

> I think this should not have happened and strongly suspects the disk has 
> not been checked on a Macintosh. NTG is mentioned among the 
> participating organizations and therefore I take the liberty to bring 
> this to your attention, because I am convinced you are still a 
> NTG-official.
> Errors encountered on copying the DVD of the October 2009 TeX Collection:
>   (1) Finder copy on the Macintosh of ctan-directory to internal 
> harddisk fails.
>   (2) Copying in Terminal with the cp-command gives following errors:
>       command = cp -R /Volumes/TeXCol2009/ctan/* destination
>       error 1:
>       cp: cannot overwrite directory ./ctan-okt09dvd/fonts/greek/GFS 
> with non-directory  /Volumes/TeXCol2009/ctan/fonts/greek/GFS
>       error 2:
>       cp: ./ctan-okt09dvd/fonts/mnsymbol.zip: Too many levels of 
> symbolic links
> ^C
> (copying hanged on the dvd)
> met vriendelijke groet
> Hans van der Meer

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