[tex-live] Broken dependencies among sty files in TeX Live 2009 distribution

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Oct 19 17:12:57 CEST 2009

Hi Jindrich,

thanks for your work, that is very useful, but keep in mind we do not
aim at a full and correct dependency management with our "depends". We
try to keep it working as far as possible.

Still, that under scheme-full some things fail are bad but probably
not always fixable.

DIscussing only required things for now.

> missing sty file	required by		type
> --------------------------------------------------------
> exerquiz.sty		eCards.sty		required

part of acrotex which is as discussed depending on acroread.

> xetex-inputenc.sty	luainputenc.sty 	required

if run under xetex, right, but not if run under luatex.
It seems that xetex-inputenc does not exists, at least not on CTAN.

> docindex.sty		docindex.sty		required

??? docindex requires docindex?

> web.sty			eCards.sty		required

not on CTAN, maybe again part of acrotex.

> here.sty		verbasef.sty		required

that is a pain, since verbasef.sty is in ltxmisc, that should be fixed.
but again, here.sty is not on CTAN .... pity
since it is sooo old maybe it should be moved to obsolete on CTAN
as it can anyway not be run

> biblatex.sty		gcite.sty		required

That is a differnet problem, unfortunately Lehman does not want us
to ship biblatex by now (although he agreed to put it into Debian,
where there are definitely less often updates ..). This will be
hopefully fixed rather soon.

> chngpage.sty		eskdspecii.sty,eskdx.styrequired and optional

Probably overriden by changepage.sty
was in TL2008, is now on CTAN in obsolete ...

> newcommand.sty		xoptarg.sty		required

hmm, there is only xnewcommand.sty, also on CTAN, the xoptarg should
probably be fixed.

> MinionPro		classicthesis.sty	required

commercial font, so no support files in TL.

> mathtime.sty		mtgreek.sty, klups.sty	required


> tree-dvips.sty		ps-trees.sty		required

in package tree-dvips

> asyprocess.sty		asyfig.sty		required

see other email

> lucasual.sty		rmpage.sty		required

probably also becuas eof commercial font based

> lmodern.sty		manual.sty,dtk.sty	required and optional

in package lm

> fancytooltips.sty	eforms.sty		required

in package fancytooltips

> pictex.sty		pictex2.sty		required

in package pictex

> inicap.sty		amsrbeta.sty		required

inicap is not on ctan, no idea ...

> Please note that styles with type "required" will fail every time even
> with the scheme-full installed. It would be nice to have all these
> cases addressed.

Strange, esp with those packages that are actually there.

It is impossible to fix all of them, and useless.
Best is for the real problems above to contact the authors.

Best wishes


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