[tex-live] Recognition of texmf-local

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Feb 17 20:58:28 CET 2009

Dear Jan,

On Mo, 16 Feb 2009, A. Jan Kutylowski wrote:
> Attempt at installation from DVD failed (no action in the command 
> window). It seems to me the user would appreciate to have detailed 
> instructions as to the format in which DVD should be burnt.

Well, that is quite standard and any standard burning software should be
able to burn .iso images and should automatically detect them.

Could it be that your download was broken, did you verify the md5sum of
the iso image.

Anyway, now that you have a running installation there are other things
to do.

> Then I have uncompressed the iso tree and installed from it. This went 
> fine. However, any attempt so far to get TeXLive to recognize contents 
> of my texmf-local directory that was duly created as a subdirectory of 
> the root tree failed (content worked with TeXLive 2007 and was copied to 

First question:
- you did put files into
- you called

What do you mean with "to recognize contents of my texmf-local dir"?
Does it mean that files are not found?

What does
	kpsewhich -var-value=TEXMFLOCAL
show? Does it give you the very same dir as to where you saved your

If yes, choose one file, eg a foobar.sty file, and call
	kpsewhich foobar.sty
and if it does not show up, then call
	kpsewhich -d -1 foobar.sty
and send us the output.


Best wishes


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