[tex-live] Recognition of texmf-local

A. Jan Kutylowski a.j.kutylowski at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:18:47 CET 2009


I have been struggling with installation of 2008 TeXLive. Using 
specification suggested by Nero7 I have burnt a DVD from the iso file.
Attempt at installation from DVD failed (no action in the command 
window). It seems to me the user would appreciate to have detailed 
instructions as to the format in which DVD should be burnt.

Then I have uncompressed the iso tree and installed from it. This went 
fine. However, any attempt so far to get TeXLive to recognize contents 
of my texmf-local directory that was duly created as a subdirectory of 
the root tree failed (content worked with TeXLive 2007 and was copied to 
the new one). The program tells me files physically present in the 
texmf-local directory, in accordance with the usual directory structure 
are not there.

Several attempts using mktexlsr directly or relevant button in the 
TeXManager led to no improvement. Recreation of formats did not help either.

 >Before running the installer on Windows, be sure to remove any 
previous >TeX binary directory from your PATH (whether for TL or MiKTeX 
or >another distribution), and also remove any other TeX-related 
 >environment variables.

All such directories were removed before installation.

Could someone give a advice as to what I should do to have the local 
temmf directory recognized? The system is Windows XP professional SP2 

Best regards,

A. Jan Kutylowski

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