[tex-live] listing failed

Maxwell, Adam R adam.maxwell at pnl.gov
Wed Aug 26 18:14:10 CEST 2009

On 08/26/09 08:22, "Norbert Preining" <preining at logic.at> wrote:

> On Mi, 26 Aug 2009, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
>> As-is, my code won't function if --location stops working :).  This
> No it wont stop working, it is still aliased to --repository. So it
> will definitely not break.

I was actually responding to your comment of "...don't know if you allow
setting of the location parameter in TLU."  Since --location is apparently
broken, albeit unintentionally, TLU will not work.

>> might be a good excuse to just drop TL 2008 support from TLU, since
>> supporting both options on my side will be a mess.
> No need, you can use either.

I caught that...but I'm looking for an excuse to drop it :).  I still have
code to support the original tlmgr (before --machine-readable), and much of
my recent code is now conditional on TL 2009 vs. TL 2008.

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