[tex-live] oversimplyfied test for lzmadec existence

Jukka Salmi j+tex-live at 2009.salmi.ch
Thu Aug 20 11:25:17 CEST 2009


Karl Berry --> tex-live (2009-08-18 17:22:26 -0500):
>       TLPDB::setting: no available_architectures, returning empty list ...
>     to stderr while running.  What about turning such warning messages into
>     debug messages (see attached patch)?
> That change affects more than just available_architectures, though.
> That doesn't seem like a good idea.  It's also a drag that it occurs in
> two places.

ok, but does a TL user really want to know whether an internally used
list was empty or not?  IMHO that's a fact only TL developers should
care about, thus debug() seems more appropriate to me than tlwarn().

> We could make the debugification be conditional, of course, but I wonder
> if there's a cleaner way to make it work.  Maybe somehow "unknown" could
> get written into available_architectures, for instance?  Something else?

Hmm, adding an "unknown" architecture to the list seems to be kind of a
hack to me, since (at least if I read the code correctly...) nothing in
tlmgr and install-tl depend on the `available_architectures' setting not
being empty.

But I just learned about the -custom-bin option to install-tl, maybe
that's what I need.  I'll try it ASAP.

Regards, Jukka

This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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