[tex-live] packages pandora and beamer

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 22 10:37:56 CEST 2008

Wolfgang Fleischer <w.fleischer at erlenweg.de> wrote:

> While checking my texmf-local against the new TL2008:
> * The package mfnfss contains pandora.sty but there are no pandora fonts
> in TL2008 (as in TL2007 too).

the pandora fonts have a licence that precludes their distribution (they
are "nocommercial" in current terms).

a couple of years back, i had an exchange with neena billawala about
this.  i deduced that she hadn't really intended that it should be shut
out of tex live (not that tex live was around in 1989 when she put the
fonts on ctan).  however, there were problems with mail to her (she
doesn't have a mailbox of her own any longer) and exchanges via an
intermediary petered out (presumably the intermediary failed to forward
a couple of my mails).

in fact, there's a better interface to the fonts than mfnfss (catalogue
pandora-latex, but that's not available in tex live either since there's
no point).  mfnfss also provides an interface to the yannis's old german
fonts, so it's not entirely pointless having it in tex live.

robin fairbairns

(the ctan cataloguer peculiare [i.e., not particularly extraordinaire])

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