[tex-live] Post-install problems (Solaris)

Jean-Pierre Chretien chretien at cert.fr
Mon Sep 22 09:16:14 CEST 2008

>>Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 08:54:35 +0200
>>To: Jean-Pierre Chretien <chretien at cert.fr>
>>Cc: tex-live at tug.org
>>Subject: Re: [tex-live] Post-install problems (Solaris)
>>From: Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>
>>On Mo, 22 Sep 2008, Jean-Pierre Chretien wrote:
>>> The interactive mode works best with a real vt100 terminal or
>>> inside an xterm window.
>>> </log_message>
>>> Then return closes the application and goes back to prompt.
>>Try enlarging your xterm and retry. Maybe that is the only cause of
>>problems for you.

I did, I know that a minimum size is required. I set explicitly the
terminal type as vt100 or xterm, no way.

It seems that the missing whiptail program called by texconfig-dialog
is the problem.

Is it possible to skip it and to execute texconfig with the TL2007
dialog utility ?


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