[tex-live] [bibtex] strange bbl file when url is too long

Joerg Hohwieler joerg at hohwie.com
Fri Jun 20 11:01:41 CEST 2008


I'm using this bibtex entry:

	author = {H.W. Lang},
	title  ={Boyer-Moore-Algorithmus},
	howpublished = {website},
	URL = {http://www.iti.fh-flensburg.de/lang/algorithmen/pattern/bm.htm},
	urldate = {08.08.2007},
	language = {ngerman},

And these settings in the tex file:

  \def\btxurldatecomment#1{ [#1]}%

Running pdflatex after bibtex fails:

! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> ...rithmen/pattern/bm.htm}}\btxurldate 
                                                  comment {\btxkeywordlangua...

cat tex.bbl (trimmed):

\btxselectlanguage {ngerman}
\bibitem {flensburg}
\btxnamefont {\btxlastnamefont {Lang}, H.W.}\btxauthorcolon\ \btxtitlefont
  {\btxifchangecase {Boyer-moore-algorithmus}{Boyer-Moore-Algorithmus}}.
\newblock website.
\newblock {\latintext \btxurlfont
comment {\btxkeywordlanguage {\btxurldatefont{08.08.2007}}}.


the problem is: bibtex breaks the line in the middle of
the command '\btxurldatecomment'. If I shorten the url
e.g. to: http://www.iti.fh-flensburg.de/lang/algorithmen/pattern
then the output is ok:

\newblock {\latintext \btxurlfont
  {\btxkeywordlanguage {\btxurldatefont{08.08.2007}}}.

I don't know who to blame for this.
Or is this an expected behaviour?


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