[tex-live] Adding a font map? (I want to install URW Arial font).

Mark London mrl at psfc.mit.edu
Fri Oct 19 17:04:26 CEST 2007

Oops, I made the aassumption that I could say /font=Arial.  I am a mac bluesky 
tex user, and am used to doing such things.  I'm trying to install it for 
TexLive for someoe else.  In any event, the URW fonts are named:

  A030-Reg                    ua1r8a.pfb
  A030-Bol                    ua1b8a.pfb    
  A030-Ita                    ua1ri8a.pfb
  A030-BolIta                 ua1bi8a.pfb

Ok, the TeX command now works if I do /font=ua1r8a.  Can I change something so 
that I say /font=arial instead?  How would I do that?

In any event, while the dvi file gets created without a problem, converting to 
ps or pdf doesn't work.  What might be the problem now?  Thanks. - Mark 

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