[tex-live] Bug in fourier-bb

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Sun May 27 20:19:24 CEST 2007

On 5/26/07, Lars Madsen <daleif at imf.au.dk> wrote:
> Back in July 2006 I wrote about an error in the fourier-bb font, which is
> only present when one uses fourier when producing EPS files using dvips
> That error is still present in the fourier found in TL 2007.
> Here is a minimal example that was created on ctt when I asked about it
> back in July
> \nopagenumbers
> \font\try=fourier-bb
> \try N
> \bye
> then run
> tex test.tex
> dvips -E -o test.eps test.dvi
> and have a look at the size of the EPS.

e.g., the size of the BoundingBox

> It is a problem in the fourier-bb.tfm, it is missing fontdimes (or what
> ever).
> By private email from Michel Bovani I got an updated version that solves
> the problem. But that version has not been released to CTAN which of
> course might be problematic for other people.

There are tools to create .tfm's (fontinst, afm2tfm).  Using "afm2tfm
fourier-bb.afm fourier-bb.tfm" produces a .tfm file that works for
example and is slightly larger (576 vs 560 bytes), has
"AdobeStandardEncoding" in place of "UNSPECIFIED" and the
name "Fourier-Math-BlackB" in place of a second "UNSPECIFIED".
The original .tfm produces slightly larger boxes in fontchart, so there
may be a problem with the .pfm file.

In general you want to use afm2tfm in conjunction with a TeX encoding
and vp2vf, but for such a limited set of glyphs it may be sufficient to
use afm2tfm alone, given a good .pfm.

> Michel Bovani was hoping to be able t make a new release of fourir in
> september 2006. But there has been nothing heard since.
> I have also tried contacting Michel a few months ago with no reply.
> How do we proceed on this case? I have the fixed file, but I am pretty
> sure that I'm not allowed to publish it.

Anyone who needs the fix will hopefully find this thread, try running
afm2tfm, and report back if something more is needed.  If Michel
Bovani doesn't surface perhaps a new maintainer will step forward.

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