[tex-live] Execution time on Solaris Sparc

Jean-Pierre Chretien Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr
Fri Mar 16 08:59:39 CET 2007

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>>Subject: Re: [tex-live] Execution time on Solaris Sparc

Hello Karl,

>>Hi Jean-Pierre,
>>    On the inst iso image, TEXMFHOME is defined as $HOME/$HOMEtexmf
>>Can you explain where you are seeing this, please?  When I run 
>>inst's install-tl.sh, and put in the d option, it tells me:
>>TEXMFHOME:    $HOME/texmf
>>When I do the actual installation, texmf.cnf has:
>>I can easily believe the double $HOME is the result of a bug, this was a
>>fragile bit of code in common.sh, but I don't know how to reproduce what
>>you got.

I guess you should be on Solaris to check this, here is what I get when I 
install the Basic Scheme in a test location from
5b6ce37b44807890b2068811b65cbfed  texlive2007-inst-20070212.iso

Done unpacking.
Fixing permissions in /usr/local/test_texlive... done.
Setting up directories for automatic font creation... done.
Configuring fmtutil.cnf from /usr/local/test_texlive/texmf/web2c  into  
Setting local tree (TEXMFLOCAL) to $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-local in 
Setting system var tree (TEXMFSYSVAR) to $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-var in 
Setting TEXMFHOME to $HOME/$HOMEtexmf in 
Done updating texmf.cnf.

This must be related to the fact that I should not have tried installation
from inst on Solaris (I took my TL 2005 install procedure and overlooked that
the binaries were missing, then I copied the sparc-solaris bin from live).
But in that case, the only effect should be to fail to install the binaries,
shouldn't it ? The sharable part should install normally.

This seems quite an exotic situation, I can create a more detailed log
if possible and if you need it.


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