[tex-live] texdoc should always use TEXDOCS

Frank Küster frank at debian.org
Thu Mar 15 22:11:04 CET 2007

"George N. White III" <gnwiii at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3/15/07, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:
>>     The following patch would make it more consistent:
>> I applied it.  Thanks.
>> Excuse my self-ignorance, but is texdoc maintained anywhere besides TL?
> Sure -- each linux distro has its own fork (to deal with the changes
> in the GNU utilities since tetex was released).  Red Hat seems to have
> a snapshot of tetex and a collection of patches they apply, so when
> tl's version breaks on RH the fix can generally be found in the RH
> version.

(I don't think Debian has any texdoc patches related to changes in GNU

Well, but each Linux distro will have to switch to TeXLive sooner or
later, so this is nothing we need to consider.

Regards, Frank
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