[tex-live] troubles with texlive 2007 + mathtime + lucida

Maurizio Loreti maurizio.loreti at pd.infn.it
Tue Feb 27 17:41:23 CET 2007

hello - this is a short version of some messages sent to comp.text.tex 

I manage a cluster of computers with texlive 2005 installed; in 
texmf-local there are several commercial fonts, in particular the 
complete mathtime and lucida packages that are used by several users.  I 
installed texlive 2007 on the side, and changed TEXDIR and so on to use 
it; immediately complaints came.

in short: you have erased mathtime.sty from TL07 but left there mt-yy.map 
and mt-plus.map; you have erased the lucida map, tfm and vf files but left 
the lucidabr.sty and other support files.

if you want to suppress mathtime/lucida support, please:
1) TELL.  the "highlights of changes in the current release" page in the
    texlive site says nothing.
2) ERASE ALL, and not half of the files.

1) files in texlive 2007 that should NOT be there.  they are useful only
    for mathtime/lucida.  move them from the texlive tree to texmf-local.


2) files to be copied from the texlive 2005 tree into texmf-local in order
    to deal with mathtime/lucida fonts


updmap-sys --disable belleek.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=mt-yy.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=mt-plus.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=lucidabr.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=lumath.map


the basic reason to have a texmf-local tree, is that you can upgrade the 
basic system keeping the local additions.  now, I cannot keep in two 
parallel trees /usr/local/texlive/2005/ and /2007/ together with the same 
texmf-local and switch between them changing the TEXDIR and siblings 
environment variables; 2005 and 2007 require a different texmf-local.  in 
short, the same reason to have a texmf-local has been compromised by your 
choice that I see as a VERY VERY BAD MOVE.

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