[tex-live] Win32 run from DVD, customization and paper size

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 10 01:15:26 CET 2007

Hello Poti,

Regarding paper sizes: it is true that the default paper size is 
included in the .fmt files.  Assuming you don't have to simultaneously
both a4 and letter, you should build the .fmt's with the one you need
and include them on your DVD as files like:

If you do have to support both a4 and letter simultaneously, I'm not
sure what to suggest.  Have to have both fmts around and a front end
that switches where the var tree is found, or something.  Very messy.

You will also want to include the other config files (for dvips,
dvipdfm[x], etc.) on your DVD.  I don't know the answer for dviout,

(The !'s instead of arrows looks like a bug in tex4ht or TL's tex4ht
configuration.  I can't deal now.  Maybe next time.)

Hope this helps,

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