[tex-live] Win32 run from DVD, customization and paper size

poti giannakouros potiatpotisdotorg at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 09:26:59 CET 2007

I hope to modify TeX Live to run even more independently from a DVD where I will use it in conjunction with emacs, R (for which a very nice emacs interface, ess, has been written) and some other software. My goal is for a user in our Windows XP labs to be able to insert the DVD and get to work without having to go through a setup step beyond launching emacs, where I do/will try to do relevant parts of what tlpmgui does.  

 I have this working to some extent, but I want to be sure I am not 
 missing something that might prove to be a problem.
In particular: 
 *I move gs and dviout to the bin/win32 directory and add them to my emacs exec-path.
 *I set environment variables for perl and GS_LIB and adjust the path. 

 *I am not sure which of the run from DVD steps need to be done 
 for my special case. 
 **What can I move to the DVD and where, given that I should expect
 settings written to a hard drive to last only for one session, after which work
 will resume on a computer with an identical initial configuration?  
I would like to leave the DVD such that people can choose to run tlpmpgui and get the expected behavior if they choose to use it in another environment. However, the top priority is to get it to work in the lab (this semester).
* Changing defaults from A4 to Letter is mentioned for Dvips and PdfTeX. Is this 
 sufficient to prevent my users, just starting to learn these tools, from problems printing the simple documents they will generate?  A comment was made on this list in March that for PdfTeX adjusting the configuration is not enough, and format files need to be regenerated. If this is still true?
 For Ghostscript, should I set 
 /DEFAULTPAPERSIZE  (letter) def 
 in lib/gs_init.ps? 
 What about dviout? The 2005 guide described going to a menu to set paper size for windvi. There is no mention of its replacement, dviout, in the version of the 2007 html guide revision 3938 in this regard. (also, arrows have become "!" in those sections ). If an adjustment is needed, how can this be done in configuration files? 
 I will work through these issues as I get time and access to Windows machines,
 but any advice that would speed my progress or make my usage more consistent with TeX Live would be appreciated. 

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