[tex-live] hmm, submitting stuff is broken

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Feb 1 00:03:59 CET 2007

    and I COULD submit recently before building the last image, 

Directly on tug?  I don't know why it would have changed.  Nothing on
the server has changed, that I know of.  

    '/home/svn/texlive/db/transactions/3838-1.txn': Permission denied

That directory is only writable to group svn, and you aren't in that
group.  But that's the way it's always been, AFAIK.

Maybe it would work to use svn://tug.org instead of the local
/home/svn/texlive directory for your repository.  Or delete everything
and make a new start.  Or check the svn mailing lists.  Sorry, I don't
know how to really debug.


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