[tex-live] Mktexlsr not working on texmf-local

Dr.Jan Kutylowski Jan.Kutylowski at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Mon Apr 16 16:05:14 CEST 2007


I have installed TExLive2007 "for all users on the system" in Windows  
XP Home with SP2, where I am the only user with administrator  
priviledges. Then I have created texmf-local in the TexLive tree and  
copied some files into it.

Updating ls-r did not work, in the sense that files in texmf-local  
were not recognized, and in that directory was no respective ls-r  
file. Running Mktexlst led to the statement that it could not write to  

So I properly deleted TexLive, and installed it again without choosing  
the button "for all users". Now there was no comments from mktexlsr  
about any restrictions, yet the system complained about missing files,  
although they physically were in subdirectories of texmf-local.

Could someone advice me on what I can do to actually use TExLive2007  
with texmf-local?

I have installed TexLive2005, where I have so far noticed only correct  
behavior with respect to texmf-local.



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