[tex-live] texlive 2005 failed on CJK font finding

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun Sep 17 07:54:06 CEST 2006

>     warning: gbksong42 at 720 can not be found
> I surmise that the map files need to be updated to include those fonts
> -- psfonts.map, pdftex.map, etc.  This means running updmap, but I don't
> know the name of the CJK map file.  That is, assuming the CJK fonts are
> available in Type1.  Werner?

Looking at the single font name I suspect that font is accessed in GBK
encoding.  This means that there should be a font mapping file
(probably named gbksong.map) which contains the following:

  gbksong01 gbksong01 <gbksong01.pfb
  gbksong02 gbksong02 <gbksong02.pfb
  gbksong03 gbksong03 <gbksong03.pfb
  gbksong94 gbksong94 <gbksong94.pfb

(94 lines).  If you don't have this, create one.  A proper location in
the local TEXFM tree is


Then, add a line

  Map gbksong.map

to web2c/updmap.cfg and rerun the updmap script.  Assuming that you've
also installed the TFM files properly, everything should work now.
Please don't install `enc' files for this font in case they have been

>     okay, can you tell me what things i should put into ttfonts.map?

Assuming that you haven't created Type 1 subfonts with the
`subfonts.pe' script but used ttf2tfm to create TFM files (and you
really want to use pixel fonts instead of outline fonts), just use the
last line which ttf2tfm writes to the terminal.  It should look
something like this:

  gbksong at UGBK@  <your font name>

For direct use of TTFs with pdftex and dvipdfmx, please read
doc/latex/CJK/doc/pdfhowto/HOWTO.txt and follow the instructions.


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