[tex-live] missing fonts for 'texdoc TETEXDOC'

Ken Brooks kenb at rpath.com
Fri Sep 8 21:51:40 CEST 2006

I have an install that is pretty close to working.  And a glitch that 
makes me wonder.  I run
   texdoc TETEXDOC
I get successful handling of logo*, cmr*, and cmsy* fonts and failures 
for ec-lmt* and zppl* fonts.  texdoc ends up substituting cmr fonts for 
the missing ones, and the document displays quite legibly.

For example, zpplcmr.  A careful search of my texmf trees reveals
(a very small and uninformative file) but no related .mf from which a 
.tfm or .pk might be generated.

A second example, ec-lmtt10, fails differently.  I find
but no .mf or .pk to go with it.

Am I looking at a failure of installation, or an old document that names 
forgotten fonts and is tolerated because it is still readable?

Ken Brooks
rPath, Inc.

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