[tex-live] using JadeTeX with TeX Live

John Lumby johnlumby at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 20:19:28 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
>     tree -  so I thought I would just copy that one dir from the full 
>build into
>     the custom build, which I did, and to my surprise it still gave the 
>     same complaint.
>Did you run mktexlsr after copying the directory?
I did not - but have now done so and latex now finds its    
so that was the answer to that problem - thanks.
>     I guess the lower-upper case distinction is significant!
>I thought LaTeX checks for both.  And the filename has been lowercase
>for a while, if not forever.
>I'm puzzled as to why you're getting the error in the first place,
>though.  Are you typesetting Cyrillic?  Perhaps it's related to some XML
>thing.  Like it's trying to support everything possible in Unicode since
>XML wants Unicode, regardless of what is actually needed.
I am not knowingly typesetting Cyrllic, no.     a very ordinary en_US file, 
but the source is sgml which is then parsed by docbook V4.5CR3 and formed 
into tex by openjade, so who knows what was introduced by that.   Naively, 
the string "cyrllic" (case insignificant) does not appear in the tex input 
file ...
>      options I would need to specify to     provide latex with its 
>T2Acmr.fd ?
>My guess is to include the "langcyrillic" collection -- do L to
>customize language collections.
I tried that as part of a later rebuild and that worked too.    So I now 
have an un-tinkered-with final build of 576128 Meg which tex's a 
from-docbook file with no errors (for this document).   I assume it is also 
safe to erase the texmf-dist/doc directory?      at least, for tex'ing 
documents?     As that is at 100MB and I can always get it back temporarily 
if I need it.    (Is it on the web anywhere?   I am a bit confused by all 
the different tex docs)

Thanks very much indeed for all your help!


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