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Zdenek Wagner wagner at cesnet.cz
Mon Jun 19 10:51:31 CEST 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, [UTF-8] Paweł Jackowski wrote:

> My impression is that you are not really interested in solving the
> problem of installing tl/perl under windows, but to agitate, how simple
> linux world is :) Well, I don't say it is not elegant and powerfull, but
> if one is familiar with programming, *everything* becomes easy under
> windows too, unless one compares cmd with sh. IE why don't you learn

If you know how to do it in Windows.

> JScript -- windows built-in, huge programming language? Because it is
> not a part of your intrests, and its ok, in exactly the same way, why
> normal people don't want to learn talking with black'n'white machine via
> shell.
It is always advantageous to WORM (= write once write multiple). If the
same task is implemented in bash for Linux, Rexx for OS/2, JScript for
Windows etc., you will still be rewriting programs from one language to
another. I like thechnologies like TeX and XML because they are platform
independent. I can develop something in OS/2 and others can use it in
Linux, windows and elsewhere. The port of teTeX in OS/2 depends strongly
on Perl, pdksh and various GNU utilities. Everything is called seamlessly
and I can invoke tex, dvips, etc from the toolbar of my editor. It's
because all these tools are ported to OS/2 and the OS/2 command window
does not differ from the command window of unix-like shells. And all these
programs can also be started by clicking to som icon, if somebody does not
like the command line...

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