[tex-live] Perl for Windows

Paweł Jackowski P.Jackowski at gust.org.pl
Mon Jun 19 09:37:36 CEST 2006


> My wrapper script even allows me to say:
>    for version in `gs --versions`; do
>        GS=$version epstopdf infile.eps outfile.ps 
>    done
> It is pretty simple to do such things under Linux.

My impression is that you are not really interested in solving the 
problem of installing tl/perl under windows, but to agitate, how simple 
linux world is :) Well, I don't say it is not elegant and powerfull, but 
if one is familiar with programming, *everything* becomes easy under 
windows too, unless one compares cmd with sh. IE why don't you learn 
JScript -- windows built-in, huge programming language? Because it is 
not a part of your intrests, and its ok, in exactly the same way, why 
normal people don't want to learn talking with black'n'white machine via 

Pawe/l Jackowski
P.Jackowski at gust.org.pl

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