[tex-live] license info from catalogue to TL

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jun 7 22:39:35 CEST 2006

Hi Karl!

On Mit, 07 Jun 2006, Karl Berry wrote:
>     In fact we are not using them anymore, because we wrote some scripts to
>     use the texcatalogue automatically for tpm files
> I don't understand.  Certainly using the Catalogue for anything we can
> is desirable.

Sorry, I was unclear: At first I used the tpm license entries to
generate a Licenses file fro Debian. Now I am using another script Frank
and I have developed to list all the files and the respective licenses.
So currently we do *NOT* use the license information provided in the tpm
files, because we think the central point should be the TeX Catalogue.

>     Furthermore, we have extended the license information in the Catalogue.
> In the original Catalogue, or in a Debian variant thereof?

There is no Debian variant. It has been changed already everywhere, you
may not have noticed. At least in the cvs repository of the catalogue it
is changed.

> Seems like including all the licensing info would be best, I see no
> reason not to.  But you are the ones who want it and wrote the patch, so

Good with me. I think too that it makes sense. Maybe some other
application will/can use this information.

>     The first block is only here to define a mapping from TeX live tpm names
>     to Catalogue entries.
> In at least some of these cases, I think it would be easy (and better)
> to simply change the tpm name to match the Catalogue name.  Probably
> can't make it 100%, but where possible.  And maybe in some cases the
> Catalogue name could/should be changed.

Will not work IMHO: The tpm names are derived from the direcory names
where the files are located, so we cannot arbitrary change names without
moving loads of files around. DO I miss something?

> I notice several of your special cases are just case changes.  Here I
> think it would be better to simply check for the $name and then
> lc($name) instead of having to list them explicitly.

This should be easy.

> Anyway, the change itself seems fine to me.  I guess I should check it
> in and try to rebuild the tpm's first.  I'll wait until we/you decide
> about the "extra" info first, though.

If we can get the info in easily, perfect, but I have in fact *NO*
experience in extending the tpm dtd with the necessary pieces AND
extending the patch to get all the information.

I would start with the current status and see what happens. Afterwards
we can add more cases to include the additional fields from the

Best wishes


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