[tex-live] license info from catalogue to TL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jun 7 22:20:13 CEST 2006

    In fact we are not using them anymore, because we wrote some scripts to
    use the texcatalogue automatically for tpm files

I don't understand.  Certainly using the Catalogue for anything we can
is desirable.

    Furthermore, we have extended the license information in the Catalogue.

In the original Catalogue, or in a Debian variant thereof?

    Please tell me how we should continue? 

Seems like including all the licensing info would be best, I see no
reason not to.  But you are the ones who want it and wrote the patch, so
whatever you want to do is fine with me :).

    The first block is only here to define a mapping from TeX live tpm names
    to Catalogue entries.

In at least some of these cases, I think it would be easy (and better)
to simply change the tpm name to match the Catalogue name.  Probably
can't make it 100%, but where possible.  And maybe in some cases the
Catalogue name could/should be changed.

I notice several of your special cases are just case changes.  Here I
think it would be better to simply check for the $name and then
lc($name) instead of having to list them explicitly.

Anyway, the change itself seems fine to me.  I guess I should check it
in and try to rebuild the tpm's first.  I'll wait until we/you decide
about the "extra" info first, though.

Thanks for the careful explanations.


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