[tex-live] Velthuis Devanagari on TL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Oct 17 23:24:45 CEST 2005

Hi Zdenek,

Thanks for writing.

    We have an important update in documentation and some new

I hope the preprocessor hasn't changed.  Has it?  It would be a pain to
recompile at this point.
    it is planned to prepare an instalation script which will
    replace the package in an existing TeX installation

That sounds fraught with possibilities for problems.  May I suggest
simply packaging the release as a texmf tree, the way Reinhard has done
with vntex, etc.?  That makes it simple for users to install (they just
unpack in texmf-local), and also to see what goes where (since you
already put everything in the right place).

    I can export it almost immediatelly and package the same way as the
    previous version. 

Ok.  But why not upload it to CTAN as well, even if you do another
update soon?  It's not absolutely necessary, but it is better; for one
thing, that way Christian has a chance of getting it in miktex (if he
has devnag, I don't know).

    There are just a few new files so that modifying the TPM file is no

These days, the tpm is automatically generated.  I hope the new files
aren't in any new directories :).

    How should I post the new version to you?

Just give me a url ...


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