[tex-live] Velthuis Devanagari on TL

Zdenek Wagner wagner at cesnet.cz
Tue Oct 18 09:51:09 CEST 2005

On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi Zdenek,
> Thanks for writing.
>     We have an important update in documentation and some new
>     functionality,
> I hope the preprocessor hasn't changed.  Has it?  It would be a pain to
> recompile at this point.
Unfortunatelly it has changed. I can supply Windows executable.

>     it is planned to prepare an instalation script which will
>     replace the package in an existing TeX installation
> That sounds fraught with possibilities for problems.  May I suggest
> simply packaging the release as a texmf tree, the way Reinhard has done
> with vntex, etc.?  That makes it simple for users to install (they just
> unpack in texmf-local), and also to see what goes where (since you
> already put everything in the right place).
I am thinking of users who already have some version from TL in texmf-dist
and want to install a new version from CVS which has traditionally
different directory structure. Simple unpacking to texmf-local might
eventually cause problems, e.g. updmap will complain that there are two
files dvng.map. The installation script should replace the existing
installation in texmf-dist or, if it does not exist, put it to
texmf-local. The locations will be found by kpsewhich. Of course, for TL
I'll just prepare the package to be unpacked to texmf-dist.

>     I can export it almost immediatelly and package the same way as the
>     previous version.
> Ok.  But why not upload it to CTAN as well, even if you do another
> update soon?  It's not absolutely necessary, but it is better; for one
> thing, that way Christian has a chance of getting it in miktex (if he
> has devnag, I don't know).
I don't know, it even isn't in teTeX.

>     There are just a few new files so that modifying the TPM file is no
>     problem.
> These days, the tpm is automatically generated.  I hope the new files
> aren't in any new directories :).
>     How should I post the new version to you?
> Just give me a url ...
I will do it within a few hours.

> Thanks,
> Karl

Zdenek Wagner
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