[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian - Birthday release

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Nov 23 22:47:34 CET 2005

Dear Neil, dear all!

Tomorrow is my birthday and this conincides nicely with the first
release I want to see going into experimental.
It fixes all the problems, installes/remove/installs/purges nice, works
quite well. I have invested a lot of work in the last weeks, build about
20 versions, checked, reimproved ... See the changelog below for

Unfortunately I have to say that ther *WAS* a change in the .orig.tar.gz
files, so who ever (Neil) builds from source, you HAVE TO GET the new
.orig.tar.gz files. Sorry for that, but this was the last time.

Please, for the last time, PURGE all of the texlive packages, from now
on there will be decent upgrade paths.

Current Version: 2005-1

Get it at
 	deb http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/
 	deb-src http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/

(www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html is *not* updated)

As usual, the log files of the creation process are in 
All the lintian errors are overriden or fixed, only the missing manpages
are still there. I can (and will not) not do this now, to write 40 man
pages. This is for later.

Complete ChangeLog entry for this version:

texlive-publishers (2005-1) experimental; urgency=low

  22.11.2005 NP
  * re-add updmap-sys call to the postrm scripts
  * make updmap-sys silent in postinst script
  * make fmtutil-sys silent in postinst script
  * make mktexlsr silent in postinst script
  * change depend on tex-common to >= 0.11 for TEXMFSYSCONFIG change
  * First release to be uploaded into experimental, based on scripts 
    revision 154.
  * Upload sponsored by Neil McGovern <maulkin at halon.org.uk>
  21.11.2005 NP
  * fix lintian source override installation
  * fix etex/pdfetex format generation problem
  * remove the 04TeXlive hack as the change will go into tex-common 0.11
    rather soon
  * remap only a few config files (those for programs) to /etc/texmf/texlive
  * try to fix the conundrum with format generation. This is a complete
    upstream chaos (ok, also upstream I created the chaos ;-). Should be fixed
    rather soon.
  20.11.2005 NP
  * fix invocation of grep in common.functions to add || true, since grep
    returns if no match found
  * fix installation of TeXlive.cnf as 04TeXlive.cnf into /e/t/texmf.d
  * add a overriding TEXMF variable to 04TeXlive.cnf which includes
    TEXMFCONFIG without !! (Should actually be fixed in tex-common!)
  * remove the long invocation of language.dat
  * fix merging of common.functions into postrm and prerm
  * fix regexp for installing lintian.override files
  19.11.2005 NP
  * add common.functions and merge it into the maintainer scripts
  * change check for the existence of a format from kpsewhich fmt.ini
    to a fmtutil-sys --listcfg check (in common.functions)
  * Leave the map files in TEXMFMAIN and do not remap them to /etc/texmf
  * New configuration file handling, all the files are left in their
    normal place and config files to shadow these files should be put 
    into /etc/texmf
  * Add override for TEXMFSYSCONFIG to /etc/texmf
  * give the updmap.d, fmt.d, and language.d config snippets priority 10
    and only the us language snippet the 09 priority.
  * create a README.Debian
  * lintian override for a2perl header problem
  16.11.2005 NP
  * add a distribution entry to the ChangeLog file and make tpm2deb.pl
    aware of it
  * fix all remaining man page warnings of lintian
  * load tpm data from a dump of the %TpmData using perl::Storable,
    significantly speeding up the initialization time at source-deb
    building time.
  * add additional override for texlive-langgerman that german is correct
  15.11.2005 NP
  * fix the man page errors (wrong char and ttf2pt1)

Best wishes


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