[tex-live] remove texmf-dist/aliases?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun May 29 20:16:14 CEST 2005

    we also need to sort out the hyphen.tex confusion (afaik hyphen.tex
    is DEK's original file; what is the official policy towards this?

I wasn't aware there was any confusion.  Yes, hyphen.tex must remain as
DEK's original file, and yes, it should not be changed.

    i also think that any change in hyphenation patterns should be 

As far as English goes, IMO \language0 should remain Knuth's patterns
forever.  If we want to allow access to Kuiken's or other extended
patterns, it should get a new language code and name, eg, usenglish.  (I
have no plans to do anything along these lines, although I certainly
don't object to it.)

Christian said that the last MiKTeX release accidentally included one of
Kuiken's sets in \language0, but that this was a mistake and he would
fix it in the next update.

We also discussed (on tex-k) some possibilities for adding dynamically
to the patterns, to avoid the "can only be done in initex" error.  Guess
nothing's going to happen with that this year, either.

I doubt Knuth would be happy if he someday runs "tex acp1.tex" and gets
completely new line breaks because we had changed the patterns for
language 0.

For other languages, I'm not qualified to say.


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