[tex-live] remove texmf-dist/aliases?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun May 29 20:05:05 CEST 2005

Karl Berry wrote:
> Hans suggested cleaning up the texmf-dist/aliases file.  The attempted
> hyphenation aliases and other context-related entries have caused
> trouble and confusion for him and context users.
> Also, it seems some of the entries are obsolete; for example,
> blackdvi.tex is already installed as both blackdvi.tex and blackdvi.sty
> (two real files), so there's no reason for the entry in the aliases
> file, as far as I can see.  (Ditto colordvi, epsf, rotate.)

indeed, a few extra files is a small price to pay for avoiding confusion

> Also, some of the so-called "real" files don't actually exist.  I've
> removed those, since they can't possibly be doing any good:
> czhyph2e.tex
> dkhyphen.tex
> etex-man.pdf
> nehyph2.tex
> nehyphx.tex
> omega-manual.pdf
> letterspacing.tex
> pdftexman.pdf
> skhyph2e.tex
> sphyph.tex
> sphyph.tex
> ushyph1.tex
> I guess having the aliases for Y&Y and URW font names is potentially
> useful (although I remain a bit skeptical), so I won't yet suggest
> removing the file completely.
> Reactions?

we also need to sort out the hyphen.tex confusion (afaik hyphen.tex is DEK's 
original file; what is the official policy towards this?

[actually, i also think that any change in hyphenation patterns should be 
announced - maybe in a log in the hyphen path - simply because new patterns 
break output-compatibility which some users value high]


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