[tex-live] July 1 initial freeze

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 28 02:46:50 CEST 2005

After some discussions with Hans and others, it seems there is some
sentiment for moving the initial freeze for TeX Live back a bit to July 1,
and, more importantly, again having a lengthy test period, so not
planning to ship the 2005 TeX Collection until around October 1.

Thus, after July 1, the idea is to try to only install updates in
response to bug reports, not change any paths or directory structures
around, and otherwise keep changes to a minimum.

And, we will try to recruit more people to test the work in advance of
the release.

Any objections to this general approach?

The biggest things which I know need to be done are:

- the usual general update of packages from CTAN to TL; I've done some
  of those, since Sebastian has been away, and will keep working on more.

- remaking the kpathsea interface to the new version of metapost and
  friends, to drop in place of Taco's generic interface.  This should be
  pretty straightforward.  Olaf ... ?

- additional integration of Latin Modern, which I gather Hans and Jacko
  and Staszek and others are working on.  


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