[tex-live] texlive 2005

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Mon Mar 14 21:45:54 CET 2005

Staszek Wawrykiewicz <staw at gust.org.pl> writes:

> On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
>>     There are mingw compile patches by Siep Kroonenberg.
>>        http://tex.aanhet.net/mingtex/
>> I see Siep is on the list.  Siep, do you have any plans to continue to
>> work on this?
>> It looks quite nice, but without any installer or previewer, and being
>> based on teTeX 2.0.2, it'll take some doing to be useful to distribute
>> in this brave new year.
> As I see, the main problem is to have new binaries for Windows (from
> so unix oriented web2c sources).
> The installer can be made by some new people (Pawel Jackowski, Bob 
> Margolis, perhaps Klaus Hoeppner).
> Anyway, after my investigation, people still wait and need TL (web2c
> compatible) also for Windows.

I very much want to second this.  MikTeX may be nice and all that, but
as a TeX and free software developer it is relevant to me that stuff I
develop under Linux will work as similar as possible under Windows.
Having a TeXlive based on the same sources and trees is a real life
saver, regardless of whether MikTeX might possibly provide a superior
solution for Windows-only users.

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