[tex-live] Norwegian hyphenation patterns status

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jun 28 20:51:05 CEST 2005

> The situation with Norwegian hyphenation patterns appears to be fairly
> confused (not unusual :().

I have exchanged a lot of mails in January (this year) with Ole Michael
Selberg (author of nohyphbx.tex) about it.

nohyphbx.tex is GPL. I did get a version of this file from the author with
the following header:

    % (runekl at math.uio.no) from dictionaries available from
    % http://www.uio.no:/~runekl/dictionary.html.
    % Adjusted manually by Ole Michael Selberg to prevent
    % numerous wrong hyphenations, especially in compounds.
    % Last changes: December 19, 2004.
    % License type: Free. GPL
    % Supplementary information (in Norwegian):
    % http://home.c2i.net/omselberg/pub/nohyphbx_intro.htm

However, the next version from the author (which is now on CTAN, I think)
did not have the GPL statement any more.

Back in January, he wrote to me:
    The hyphenation patterns in nohyphbx.tex (the file I downloaded today)
    are a manually adjusted and extended version of Runar Kleveland's
    nohyhb.tex (which was a tremendous improvement on nohyph.tex and
    nohyph2.tex).  Certain patterns have been removed and about seven
    hundred have been added, so that the file now contains 26761 patterns
    versus 26017 in nohyph.tex.

    Having used Kleveland's patterns for some time to typeset my own
    translations of Polish and German fiction, I noticed that despite
    their generally very satisfactory performance they still produced a
    number of erroneous hyphenations. That's when I started to improve
    the patterns manually, which isn't as difficult as it seems. A
    fair number of the corrected mishyphenations are listed in the file

    The supplementary information in the file referred to in the preamble
    (http://home.c2i.net/omselberg/pub/nohyphbx_intro.htm) is provided
    only in Norwegian (if you don't know Norwegian, you problably won't
    need to acquaint yourself with it). This file contains a link
    to another file in which the hyphenation rules of Norwegian are
    explained and commented on.

> 2) Include a license statement in nohyphbx (#3) if we can, and put that
>    in TL with a language.nobx.dat (I guess) file so it can actually be
>    used as an alternative.  Rune, Ole?

That sounds like a good thing. teTeX-3.0 also shipps with this file and
it is enabled in language.dat.


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