[tex-live] wrong locations for SFD files

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jun 28 18:23:19 CEST 2005

>     kpathsea got a new variable, SFDFONTS, to hold the location of
>     subfont definition files.
> But will ttf2pk use it for searching?

Yes, it has been updated to do so (but not by me :-).

> Do you co-maintain ttf2pk these days?

Wish I had time :-( Most of the stuff has originally been written by
me -- the (minor) changes should be put back into the original ttf2pk
CVS repository...

>     Additionally, I suggest to replace
>     texmf/fonts/map/ttf2pk/config/ttfonts.map with
>     texmf/ttf2pk/ttfonts.map (the latter should be removed then),
> Again, where does ttf2pk actually search for ttfonts.map?
> Does it know about TEXFONTMAPS, etc.?

Again, it has been updated to search for map files.

> (Ah, I see you already did.  Cool.)

Yes, I'm just waiting for new ls-R files so that I can do my final


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