[tex-live] wrong locations for SFD files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 28 14:58:29 CEST 2005

    kpathsea got a new variable, SFDFONTS, to hold the location of subfont
    definition files.  

But will ttf2pk use it for searching?  Do you co-maintain ttf2pk these
days?  I see your name at the end of the README, which seems like good
news :).  Except there is also something called ttfutils.  I am confused

    This points to fonts/sfd, but currently there is nothing.  Please
    move all *.sfd files from texmf/ttf2pk/ to either
    texmf-dist/fonts/sfd/ttf2pk/ or texmf/fonts/sfd/ttf2pk/, whatever
    you think is more appropriate.

Well, I guess those .sfd's come from the ttf2pk distribution, so texmf/
seems like the right place.  

    Additionally, I suggest to replace
    texmf/fonts/map/ttf2pk/config/ttfonts.map with
    texmf/ttf2pk/ttfonts.map (the latter should be removed then), 

Again, where does ttf2pk actually search for ttfonts.map?
Does it know about TEXFONTMAPS, etc.?

    but with most entries removed and just a few ones commented out as
    an example.

Well, config/ttfonts.map is empty, so clearly that's pretty useless.
(The config/ subdir also seems wrong, but skip that.)
ttf2pk/ttfonts.map has only a few entries already, so I'm not sure what
you're really proposing.  I'd guess you know more about what will work
than anyone else, certainly more than me anyway, so can you just do the
right thing?  (Ah, I see you already did.  Cool.)


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