[tex-live] tl default installation dir

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jun 6 00:22:21 CEST 2005

     "forced shareable"

There is nothing "forced" about it.  Once again, all that changed was
the default.  People can and do do different things.

In particular, people right now often have a texmf-local which is
independent of the latest version.  I do myself.  That more or less
seems like the whole point of texmf-local to me.  Yes, there may be
occasional problems with updates, but most of the time it is no problem
at all, and it is simpler and more logical for it to be independent.

You say it's easy to copy, but (a) if it's a pure copy then there's no
reason to do it, and (b) if it's not a pure copy (like the map change),
then it's not easy.

Anyway, if there is some consensus that we should recommend that
texmf-local should go along with the release, then the most important
thing to change is the documentation.  Which has recommended that it be
independent for years, maybe since day 1.

Once again: it's never been possible to assume that texmf-local is in
any particular location relative to the main directory.  The recent
change does not alter *anything* in terms of what implementations need
to handle.  I guess it is bringing up the topic for discussion, but
that's it.


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