[tex-live] ushyphmax and disabled languages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jun 5 00:41:51 CEST 2005

1) I've added ushyphmax.tex (Dr. Kuiken's max patterns for US English)
to the TeX Live language.us file.  It is not the default, just another
language (named ushyphmax).  The default remains, and should always
remain, Knuth's original hyphen.tex.

I don't know how to add support for ushyphmax to babel.  If anyone can
look into this and submit a patch to Johannes, please do.

2) In the process of doing this, I noticed that patterns for a few
languages are commented out in the .dat files, although the pattern
files exist in the distribution.  Does anyone know why?  Otherwise I am
tempted to say they should be enabled (if the user selects those
packages, of course):
% welsh cyhyph.tex
% estonian ethyph.tex
% romanian rohyph.tex
% slovene sihyph.tex
% serbian srhyphc.tex
% turkish tkhyph.tex

(Also it would seem that the comment should be %! rather than %, if it's
to be commented at all.)


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