[tex-live] tpm directory names

Ewald Balcar balcar at ati.ac.at
Thu Jun 2 12:57:56 CEST 2005

Dear TUG,

I have recently acquired the LaTeX Companion 2, which
contains a CD with a newer TeX Live 7 version, with slight differences
compared to my current (old,2002) installation on a Win98 system.
In detail, the directory names in the \texmf\tpm directory
(tex packet manager?) differ. What were
previously ...\tpm\collections, ...\tpm\packages, ...\tpm\schemes
are now ...\tpm\collection, ...\tpm\package, ...\tpm\scheme

The (new, TLC2) TeXsetup program does, therefore, no longer find
the appropriate directory names on disk when I want to
run  in maintenance mode to update or install a new package.

Please advise me on the proper procedure, should I
a) rename the directories on the hard disk (old name -> new name),
b) or remove the old and install the new tex-live version
    because the incompatibility is intentional,
c) or do something else?

With apologies if my enquiry is to an inappropriate forum.
Many thanks in advance
                                           Ewald Balcar
balcar at ati.ac.at
Vienna University of Technology
Atominstitut d.Österr. Universitäten

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