[tex-live] Debian-TeXlive Proposal II

Gavin McCullagh gavin at celt.dias.ie
Tue Jan 25 13:15:03 CET 2005


On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Implementation of foreign arch/os binary packages:
> ==================================================
> For binaries with the only purpose of being served (via nfs/smb/etc) 
> of other os/arch combinations architecture-independent debian packages
> are created:
> 	tl-<progname>-arch-os	(arch=all)
> 	tl-binaries-arch-os	(arch=all)
> e.g.
> 	tl-aleph-i386-solaris
> 	tl-binaries-i386-win32
> These packages contain the binaries (what about the included man pages?)
> for the mentioned architecture and install into
> 	/srv/texlive/arch-os/bin
> 	/srv/texlive/arch-os/man/...
> or whatever path is necessary for these packages.

Not meaning to be excessively demanding but the purpose (or my
understanding of it) in providing the foreign arch binaries is so that a
full working TeX Live tree can be shared out via nfs/samba/etc to other
machines.  If I run bin/win32/latex from the share on a windows machine,
where will it go for the texmf tree?  Would there be a tree symlinked
together for sharing out or something else? eg

/srv/texlive/arch-os/texmf -> /usr/share/texmf
/srv/texlive/arch-os/texmf-dist -> /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist 


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