[tex-live] Debian-TeXlive Proposal II

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jan 25 12:28:30 CET 2005

Dear all!

After some time of absence and of reading through the suggestions I got
from the debian-devel list and especially Frank, I have (hopefully)
improved the proposal and would like to ask you again for your comments.

There are two question below, please consider. And please send me all
your comments, flames etc.

Proposal for a Debian packaging system for TeXlive
(last update: 2004-01-25)

All debian package names are prefixed with tl-

The tpm in texmf/tpm/ (collection-*, bin-*, lib-*, hyphen-*, scheme-*) 
are mapped to debian packages.

	bin-XXX		->	tl-XXX-bin 	(standard debian notation)
	collection-XXX	->	tl-XXX
	lib-XXX		->	tl-lib-XXX	(??)
				can be ignored as the binaries are currently
				more or less static
				for proper debian we have to build it wrt
				the installed debian libs
	hyphen-XXX	->	tl-hyphen-XXX
	scheme-XXX	->	tl-scheme-XXX

TPM-Requires between these packages are mapped to Debian Dependencies.

All other files obtained from a TPM-Require are included in the 
debian package.

Thus we have:
	tl-afm2pl-bin tl-aleph-bin tl-amstex-bin tl-bibtex-bin ...
	tl-basic tl-bibtexextra tl-binaries tl-chemistry tl-context ...
	tl-scheme-basic tl-scheme-context tl-scheme-full ...

As an example, tl-chemistry Debian-depends on
(other collection)
and includes the files from
	bpchem.tpm chemarrow.tpm chemcono.tpm mhchem.tpm xymtex.tpm

Location of the stuff:
texmf trees
	we have several texmf trees:
	TEXMFMAIN = /usr/share/texmf
	TEXMFDIST = /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist
	plus the texmf trees specified in the Debian-TeX policy
config files
	/etc/texmf with links from /usr/share/texmf/web2c/... to /etc/texmf

Implementation of foreign arch/os binary packages:
For binaries with the only purpose of being served (via nfs/smb/etc) 
of other os/arch combinations architecture-independent debian packages
are created:
	tl-<progname>-arch-os	(arch=all)
	tl-binaries-arch-os	(arch=all)
These packages contain the binaries (what about the included man pages?)
for the mentioned architecture and install into
or whatever path is necessary for these packages.


- Is it possible to circumvent the double installation of binaries for the
  normal system (into /usr/bin) and into /src/texlive/arch-linux?
  Idea: Put *all* binaries for one arch into /srv and mount them
  via --bind to /usr/lib/texlive/bin/, and put symlinks from /usr/bin to
  /usr/lib/texlive/bin. Is this an option?
- What is still unclear for me is how to cope with all the packages: If we
  do it the way proposed below, we have:
	bin-packages:	 80
	collection:	 75
	scheme:		  8
	hyphen:		 30
	total:		193
  which is *quite a lot*.

Best wishes


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