[tex-live] mysterious mpost problem

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 18 17:35:22 CET 2005

Thomas Esser wrote:
>>> . Run `mpost --mem=mf2pt1 nospecial.mf'.
> ...
>>> mpost '&mf2pt1 \input nospecial.mf'
>>normally such problems are the result of a mismatch in mem values stored in 
>>the mem file and those in your texmf.cnf (at least, each time i ran into 
>>those special/string related issues it was related to that)
> Bingo!
> The following works:
>   mpost --ini mf2pt1 \\dump
>   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 --progname=mpost nospecial.mf
> or
>   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 --ini mf2pt1 \\dump
>   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 nospecial.mf
> The first version uses the memory settings for mpost, the second
> version uses the settings for mf2pt1 (which does not explicitly exist
> in texmf.cnf, so the defaults are used).

ah, there is indeed this progname stuff going on and i think part of the problem 
is that this is not stored in the format; this means that one has to invoke the 
ini and runtime version in the similar way; i wonder, it it possible to store 
the progname in the format and use that value as default?


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