[tex-live] mysterious mpost problem

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jan 18 20:09:58 CET 2005

> > The following works:
> >   mpost --ini mf2pt1 \\dump
> >   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 --progname=mpost nospecial.mf
> > or
> >   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 --ini mf2pt1 \\dump
> >   mpost --mem=mf2pt1 nospecial.mf
> >
> > The first version uses the memory settings for mpost, the second
> > version uses the settings for mf2pt1 (which does not explicitly
> > exist in texmf.cnf, so the defaults are used).
> ah, there is indeed this progname stuff going on and i think part of
> the problem is that this is not stored in the format; this means
> that one has to invoke the ini and runtime version in the similar
> way; i wonder, it it possible to store the progname in the format
> and use that value as default?

Thanks for clarification.  How shall Joe User be able to resolve this?
I really hope that it can be fixed soon!

For the moment, I will stay with

  mpost '&mf2pt1 \input nospecial.mf'

which seems to work always fine.


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