[tex-live] [Fwd: pdflatex segmentation fault and patch to fix]

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Wed Jan 12 09:08:18 CET 2005

I received this excellent bug report from a user (including tracking where
the crash happened). Can someone get this into xpdf?


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Subject: pdflatex segmentation fault and patch to fix
From:    "Martin Otte" <otte at duke.edu>
Date:    Tue, January 11, 2005 23:40
To:      gerben.wierda at rna.nl


Thanks for your excellent packaging of tex/latex for the mac.

I am using the TeX Live 2004 and teTeX 3 distribution from the tex 
i-package released on 2004/12/01.

With this i-package, pdflatex always seg-faults for me when I include  pdf
figures generated using the PStill postscript-to-pdf converter.  These
pdfs open fine with Acrobat and Preview. I downloaded the final  TeX Live
2004 source package, compiled pdfetex, ran the executable  under a
debugger and found that pdflatex crashes in the xpdf library. I  then
verified that these pdf's also crash the xpdf viewer on my linux  machine.

The crash occurs in the file libs/xpdf/fofi/FoFiType1.cc. There is a 
string buffer size variable "n" that becomes negative and causes the 
program to crash. I attached a patch that can be used from the libs 
directory of the TeX Live distribution that prevents the buffer size  from
becoming negative.

I also attached an example latex and pdf file so that you can verify  the
pdflatex segmentation fault.

I don't know if pstill is producing bad pdf files, but regardless it 
shouldn't cause pdflatex to segfault. Your earlier tex distribution had 
no problem with these files. I hope you can share this problem with the 
TeX Live developers so that it can be fixed properly.


Martin Otte
Research Associate
Duke University

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