[tex-live] a lot of binaries contain garbage

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 18 13:31:57 CEST 2004

Vladimir Volovich writes:

> I may be mistaken whether previous year's build contained pardwired
> paths from the build directory or from build-time texmf location
> (though, i have an impression that it was not the case at least in
> 2002), but ANYWAY, it's totally WRONG to put such build directory
> and/or build-time texmf location into the binaries, and this should be
> fixed. Why do we have all the SELFAUTO stuff, after all? It's
> absolutely pointless to put the hardwired paths into the binaries,
> especially into the ones built for TeX Live. It's a garbage.

Akira's right, these paths come from kpathsea/paths.h and are present
is all versions of TeX-live to date.  They're the defaults kpathsea
falls back on if no definition for a path is found in texmf.cnf, or
the texmf.cnf wants a "default" setting as well.  Otherwise they're

It's going to be fixed, but it is not a particularly high priority.

> And the hardwired paths in texi2html script should be removed as well.

Olaf Weber

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